Saturday, January 17, 2009

The White Side

So, for the last week it has been well below zero degrees Fahrenheit and with the wind, well lets just say it is cold enough to get an ice cream headache without actually eating ice cream. One good thing about this really cold spell, is it is too cold to snow, maybe not technically too cold to snow, but it seems to me that at some point around zero it doesn't snow. Which has given me time to reflect on the bright side of winter.

Here we go, another list but some bright things about winter.

1. Spring skiing, can't do it without winter.

2. Fire in the fire place. Fall is good time for a fire, but nothing like a winter night, some brandy and a crackling fire. I might just start one in few minutes.

3. No mowing, fertilizing, or weeding. As much as I like to drive my tractor, the first three months of summer are spent agonizing over how poor my lawn looks compared to the manicured turf of my neighbors. I do take joy in the lawn, but I spend an awful amount of time fretting about it. From time to time the amount of time I spend on the lawn, flower beds, and gardens is a point of contention with my dear spouse. I don't spend nearly as much time shoveling the snow.

4. NCAA Basketball, I like college athletics, I like college basketball. March Madness wouldn't be the same in September.

5. Bragging rights. Winter gives me the opportunity to tell my snow bird friends how vicious and harrowing we hardy northerners are for sticking out the winter.

6. Ice fishing. Unless you do it or have done it ice fishing is fun. It gives folks access to water they might not otherwise have. It can be a really good time if you do it right.

7. Almost forgot, No Bugs. Bees are gone, mosquitoes too, spiders hardly seen. Ants are deep underground, I have not a mound.

Well, there is more, but I haven't reflected that far yet. Stay warm.


Heather said...

We appreciate the dead bugs too.


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